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[07 May 2008|01:11pm]
well, it has been a long time hasn't it? haha. well i know nothing that i find relevant enough to put on here for y'all to read but i'm really going to start trying to write on here more consistently. Shoot, anything would be more consistent than what it's been lol. Really though, I'll keep my mind open to anything that might be considered interesting about my life :).

So I just started my new job last week at Barnes and Noble :). I work in the Cafe. Most of you know that, I think.
This is my last week of classes. (Today was my last day of history, I just got out-- HALELUJAH). I have psych/crit.thinking tomorrow and french. AND THEN I'M DONE WITH MY CLASSES. I've been so stressed out lately I've had a constant headache for about a week and a half now. Then next week i have one final on tuesday, two finals on wednesday, and one final on thursday. C'est tout! (To je sve) ((That's all!))


That's it for now, love bugs! (<--I totally stole Marina's word right there :P)

OHHH Jeff's birthday is today!! AND He and Lonny (his best friend) are moving today!!! (from their shit disgusting dump of a house inside and out like you couldn't believe where they have been living for about a year [renting rooms from the guy who owns it and lives there who's a DICK and i can;t stand him for other reasons also] into a great apartment! Yippeee!!!


::huge sigh:: [30 Dec 2006|01:12pm]
if he's gonna pass me over to his best friend...well, then, ..I spose I can take a hint.

I give up.

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stuff [28 Dec 2006|08:38pm]
so I had to leave me grandma's house early and leave my family (mom, dad, brother, grandma, step-grandpa, uncle, and cousin) at dinner to go to Dance practice. (kolo). And for those of you who are not in-the-know, I'm not feelin that too much right now. It actually has nothing to do with the dancing, I still love that with all my heart and always will. It is why I stay, and plus I realize the wonderful opportunities I get being a part of this, traveling all over being a huge one. It's actually the people that I have to be with and be around. Before I would just deal with it and not care. Then lately, I'd be very pissed about but still whatever. Now...i just feel dead about it...dead to them....dead when I'm there. It really saddens me to feel this way, but because that's who I am, I'm gonna keep sticking through it. I have opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise.
But back to tonight, so when I got to prac. After about half an hour, it was over. WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE IT. because 3 guys showed up and 5 girls. what crap. (btw, stevo's in yugoslavia right now, did anybody else know that??? I had no clue!)
So yeah...i left my family early for no reason and now I'm at home doing nothing, and we only have three practices left before Sveti Sava for which we're performing on the 28th of jan.
TOMORROW. I wanna go see Apocalypto. I can't believe I haven't seen that yet. I've had nobody to see it with. Aleks has seen it with her bf. and marina doesnt really watch those kinds of movies. So tomorrow, I want to go to the 1:20 showing and see it. Anybody wanna join me??
Give me a call if you do.
See u in a bit aleks...sheesh it's been forever, and now you're working too? yikes...
lov u all

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[10 Nov 2006|08:52am]


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